About Us.........Our Vision

"Treff Landscaping Services will provide every customer with a refreshing "old school" promise of Quality, Reliability & Affordability" 

The acronym we live by: Q.R.A

About the Founder: 

Founder, Rachael Nead began her career early at age 14 where she worked at Green Belt Farms doing landscaping maintenance, design work, installation and retail sales. In 1999, Rachael went onto receive a diploma in Horticulture from Guelph University with an internship from Ohio State University and finally a diploma from Humber College in Arboriculture. After laying down the ground work with several University diplomas, Rachael then went onto an extensive career as a horticultural district manager providing plants, trees and shrubs to over 150 big box stores in Ontario. 

While continuing to advance her education and expand on her extensive experience, Rachael also obtained several investment properties which she managed herself. Rachael discovered that while there were several landscaping companies in her area, she struggled to find one company that could handle all of her landscaping needs and at the quality level she was looking for. This prompted Rachael to apply her own extensive experience and education towards opening and establishing a service that would provide landscaping with the Q.R.A. she expected as a landlord. Her main focus when opening Treff Landscaping was directly related to providing a service from a landlords point of view ....to other landlords. Thus, Treff Landscaping Services was born.

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